Janssens & Partners Lawyers: Member of the Eurojuris International Network

EurojurisPresent in more than 650 towns of 19 European countries, EUROJURIS is the leading European group of lawyers. On particularly strict selection criteria, it brings together law firms that are firmly established in each country and region, with a threefold objective:

  • To provide you with top-quality legal advice at the European level
  • To ensure your representation everywhere in Europe by using the know-how of lawyers based in the country where the problem arises
  • To cope effectively with differences in the legal systems from one country to another

Thanks to the use of local law firms, the Eurojuris International network also offers an interesting alternative in terms of service costs.

For further information about Eurojuris: www.eurojuris.be

For further information about Eurojuris International: www.eurojuris.net

Eurojuris International