Janssens & Partners Lawyers: Spheres of Activity

At your side for the successful development of your projects...

...in your company and in your private life.

Company Creation

Our Assignments

  • Creating your Articles of Association
  • Advising you on the company’s legal form
  • Drafting your General Conditions of Sale

Everyday Life

Our Assignments

  • Directing and defending you in various conflicts (neighbourhood, tenancy,…)
  • Asserting your consumer rights
  • Extracting you from a work-related conflict

Installation of an administrative and managerial structure.

Our Assignments

  • Informing you on managerial liabilities
  • Guaranteeing you the regularity of the decision-making processes

Family Circle Management

Our Assignments

  • Assisting you at various stages of your life, such as the choice of a matrimonial regime, an adoption, an affiliation procedure, acceptance, management, succession planning …
  • Helping you to cope with the difficult stages of a separation


Our Assignments

  • Drafting your employment contracts
  • Ensuring compliance with the social legislation

Insurance and Liabilities

Our Assignments

  • Examining your insurance policies
  • Advising you in the event of an automobile claim or an accident in your private life
  • Negotiating or defending your compensation for material loss and/or physical injury
  • Ensuring your defence before criminal investigation and trial courts

Creation of a Distribution Network

Our Assignments

  • Advising you on the various contractual forms (franchise, concession …)
  • Accompanying you in the extension of your network abroad

Real-Estate Projects

Our Assignments

  • Studying your projects’ feasibility at taxation, town-planning and environmental levels
  • Drafting and negotiating your agreements
  • Obtaining town-planning and environmental permits
  • Assisting you in the event of litigation

International Development

Our Assignments

  • Adapting your contracts to international requirements
  • Efficiently managing commercial disputes via the Eurojuris network